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Grill mesh ceiling method

Date of issue:2021-02-23 General view:131

Grill mesh uses ceiling type sprinkler, which is set under the ceiling; if there is no ceiling, the splash pan is 0.075m ~ 0.55M away from the bottom of the roof slab, depending on the horizontal distance from the beam. >A row of sprinklers shall be added to the 0.8m ceiling with combustible materials, generally up and down.

Grill mesh ceiling method:

1. Determine the height and draw the high level line on the wall with ink bucket;

2. Fix the hanging bar on the top with iron expansion bolt, and keep the light steel keel level below the hanging bar (if the span of grill mesh is less than 3m, the hanging bar is not needed);

3. Fix the aluminum angle line along the horizontal line with cement nails;

4. Put the aluminum grill mesh on the ground and assemble it completely;

5. Put the assembled grill mesh ceiling on the aluminum angle iron, and tie it directly on the light steel keel with thin iron wire in the middle. If you don't know, I suggest you find a decoration company to do it.

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